As a parent, you want to do everything in your power to protect your kids and give them the best possible opportunity to thrive and enjoy a healthy, happy life. It’s a tough job—overwhelming at times—but one that provides life’s greatest rewards.

You’ve already done a great job by bringing your child to the optometrist for a comprehensive eye exam! Nicely done.

When your eye doctor recommends that your child wear sunglasses to protect their growing eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation, you start thinking, “How am I going to get them to wear sunglasses?” You’re smart to think about it and take steps to encourage them.

We can help: Here are 5 ways to get your kids to wear their sunglasses every day:

  1. Find a pair that fits. And it needs to fit well! Our selection of high-quality plastic kids frames are sturdy and made to stay on active kids’ faces to protect their eyes during outside play time. Our optician will help you by making sure the pint-sized sunnies fit your child’s face and will stay on her head even when she’s turning cartwheels or jumping around on the playground.
  2. Let kids choose their frames. This is a big one. If they choose it, they’ll (hopefully!) use it. Yes, you can “guide” their choice by picking a few pairs you like and letting them make the final selection. (And definitely let them choose a colorful case to protect their sunnies when not in use.) If your child selects a bright, festive purple pair of sunglass frames, and loves them so much they’ll wear them, why not? It’s a wise investment in your child’s lifelong eye health. Go for it!
  3. Set a strong example. You’ve seen how your mini-me copies your every move—whether it’s a habit you want them to mirror back to you or not. (Right!?) Kids have an innate tendency kids to copy parental behaviors. Use that to your advantage by modeling a healthy habit: Wear your sunglasses whenever you go outside, summer or winter, cloudy or sunny. The sun’s harmful UV rays are present in our atmosphere 365 days a year, so wear your sunglasses every time you leave the house, and then smile as you watch your child develop a lifelong, healthy habit effortlessly.
  4. Get attached. Who among us hasn’t misplaced a pair of sunglasses in our own house, car, or handbag!? A simple solution for kids is to attach the sunglasses to their heads with a headband or sunglass strap that will keep them in place throughout rambunctious, active days of play. A benefit of sunglass straps is that they keep sunglasses from falling into dirt or sand where the lenses can get scratched. (Also, we highly recommend scratch-resistant coatings on all sunglass lenses—both for kids and adult sunglasses!)
  5. Bring a hat, just in case. We all know the terrible twos are a thing. Sometimes your child is just not going to wear his adorable sunglasses no matter what you do. It’ s a smart parenting tactic to have a backup plan: You can also protect their eyes from bright sunshine with a wide-brimmed hat on days when they’re just not going to cooperate.

If you’re having trouble getting your toddler to wear their sunglasses despite deploying all of these strategies, don’t despair! Be patient. Choose your timing wisely, but be consistent. Gently but firmly remind your adorable child that sunglasses are the coolest accessory and are both good-looking and good for you!

Need help choosing sunglasses for your baby, toddler, or school-aged child? We’ve got a great selection of kids’ sunglasses in our optical department and our staff will help you choose the right pair of sunglasses for you and your child. Summer vacation is right around the corner, so don’t delay. We can’t wait to see you soon!